Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Story Maps- Pictorial Biographies

Check out these excerpts from a number of your peers' Story Map projects. Do do them the justice of reading the accompanying text!

Eddy - Don't call Eddy a "tool"!
"The last job we had to do was to dig the trees of their garden and also to shave their grass. I really enjoyed shaving it, even though I destroyed half of their flowers! After a lot of hard work and dedication, we were finally over and we could enjoy the rest of the day eating cakes and pizza from my young cousin's party inside the house."
Heart-a-Zak -

"I like to spend time with my cats. The one on the left is called ‘Ugly’ because... well shes not ugly but when you look at her face directly she looks very bewildered which amuses me. The one on the right is ‘Dora’ as when she was small she was the first to go into all the rooms and explore all the corners of the house. Dora the Explorer would be too long to name a cat."

Bader- Very Studious!

On Sunday I started studying early so I can finish fast and play WOW and prepare notes for the science test next week Monday.

Amber- Nice Sentence Fluency and Word Choice!

"On Saturday morning we woke up, had breakfast and headed for The Mall of Athens in Maroussi, we arrived at around 11pm and had until 2pm, we all (meaning the shopaholics of the trip) happily became bankrupt and were left with scars on our hands from the one two many shopping bags. We caught the metro and went back to the hotel. That evening we walked to Monastiraki, the end of the main shopping street Ermou and ate dinner."

From the book of poetry, Iron Flowers, A Poetic Report on a Visit to Haiti

by Kalamu ya Salaam\

"Iron Flowers"
sluggish, semi-stagnant
the water in Haitian gutters,
small gullets, trickles green,
sewerage green, here even
the dirt is poor and
there is a cloying dullness
camouflaging even strongly
persistent colors

in squared, white walled
funeral flowers are made of
painted iron/ i see no roses
rising through this Port
Au Prince poverty

i hesitate to take pictures
it is like thievery
almost like
i am stealing precious light
that these, my brothers and sister,
need to live