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Frankenstein Graphic Organizer

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Homage to the Epistolary

An epistolary is a work of fiction, usually a novel, written in the form of letters. You are to choose two of the following individuals and create characters for both.

Pre-writing guiding questions

- Who are these individuals?
- What are their backgrounds?
- What makes them unique, or not?
- What conflicts effect them?
- What are their motives (what drives them; makes them do what they do)?
- What is their relationship; how are their fates/lives connected?
- Do they know one another?

Read the following exert on “The Art of Letter Writing"



Don’t forget the most well-received of all letter formats, the love letter.

Take note, that the unique nature of the epistolary allows for very creative characterization.
- The address from where the letter is being sent and its destination are an effective means of setting.
- The handwriting of your characters might give insight to their personalities.

Here are the seven individuals to base your characters on:

You also need to create images of the actual letters. These will be small detailed photos you will take of certain key phrases. They will add credibility, create mood, and potentially aid in characterization as one's handwriting can often say alot about the individual.

YOU will base these images on YOUR text and need to create the handwritten segment, take the photo and upload it to blogger.

*Remember to adjust the resolution on the camera or adjust the image size before uploading to blogger otherwise you will hate life. Acceptable image size for a small web-based jpg is 60dpi.

They might look something like this.

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Check out the very user friendly online software, wordle. It uses a simple java script to generate creative mixes of words you provide.

See if you can find:
- The subject
- it's adjective
- verb
- adverb
- preposition
- the object of the preposition
- and the adjective modifying this noun


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Romeo and Juliet need help with "da Style"

It's cold up in here! Help us out!

Thursday, the 15th of May
Immediately after school

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O.K. This is horrible...

This is really good!

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WOW! What an excellent job everyone has done with their characters. We have such a menagerie, an organ thief, a photographer, a delusional widows, a chicken whisperers, a band manager, a male-spy ballerina, and failed musicians and magicians.

Have a look at a few!

Name :Lt. Colonel Vladimir Contratiev
Born:5th October, 1969 (1975-07-06) (age 39)Origin:Kraznatar, Soviet Union, (Russia)
Genre(s): BalletOccupation(s): Army Officer, Embassy Military Attaché, Presently: (Russian Intelligence Spy), and Ballet Dancer At The Russian Culture Centre, Cyprus.

In all her life she took care of the chicken and was living in her own world with the chicken next to her so that she didn’t feel alone and Pambos was still with her. On July 10th 2003 she died alone with
nobody in this world to cry for her.

Espadril Roco, (14 September 1983) born Armana de Roco was born in Valente. She is a B.I.G (Brazilian it girl) model and was raised by the famous Zavlos Roco, the creater of the O.T.T (Organ Theft Trade) in Rio de Janeiro, in a house that was blown up three years ago by the Tella de Si hooligans. She was arrested in 2005 for being a suspect of abuse, murder, and organ selling with no licence. Since then Roco has written her first book about her abusive upbringing and has created her own live show ''Hidden Lies'', that will begin showing on the CTVW channel in August 2008.

The story of a growing terrorist family!

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Romeo and Juliet Act II Scen II

Think this is Old School? It's not 1594, or is it?
You need to see this prior to our reading.

Romeo and Juliet Act I Scene I

Yes this does differ from the original play, but these kids are extremely talented.
While watching try to point out the numerous modernized analogies they make.
For example - Sword play to ?
Punishment by death : ?

These boys make a valiant effort as they stay true to the actual dialogue. Not bad.

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Story Maps- Pictorial Biographies

Check out these excerpts from a number of your peers' Story Map projects. Do do them the justice of reading the accompanying text!

Eddy - Don't call Eddy a "tool"!
"The last job we had to do was to dig the trees of their garden and also to shave their grass. I really enjoyed shaving it, even though I destroyed half of their flowers! After a lot of hard work and dedication, we were finally over and we could enjoy the rest of the day eating cakes and pizza from my young cousin's party inside the house."
Heart-a-Zak -

"I like to spend time with my cats. The one on the left is called ‘Ugly’ because... well shes not ugly but when you look at her face directly she looks very bewildered which amuses me. The one on the right is ‘Dora’ as when she was small she was the first to go into all the rooms and explore all the corners of the house. Dora the Explorer would be too long to name a cat."

Bader- Very Studious!

On Sunday I started studying early so I can finish fast and play WOW and prepare notes for the science test next week Monday.

Amber- Nice Sentence Fluency and Word Choice!

"On Saturday morning we woke up, had breakfast and headed for The Mall of Athens in Maroussi, we arrived at around 11pm and had until 2pm, we all (meaning the shopaholics of the trip) happily became bankrupt and were left with scars on our hands from the one two many shopping bags. We caught the metro and went back to the hotel. That evening we walked to Monastiraki, the end of the main shopping street Ermou and ate dinner."

From the book of poetry, Iron Flowers, A Poetic Report on a Visit to Haiti

by Kalamu ya Salaam\

"Iron Flowers"
sluggish, semi-stagnant
the water in Haitian gutters,
small gullets, trickles green,
sewerage green, here even
the dirt is poor and
there is a cloying dullness
camouflaging even strongly
persistent colors

in squared, white walled
funeral flowers are made of
painted iron/ i see no roses
rising through this Port
Au Prince poverty

i hesitate to take pictures
it is like thievery
almost like
i am stealing precious light
that these, my brothers and sister,
need to live