Sunday, September 6, 2009

Homage to the Epistolary

An epistolary is a work of fiction, usually a novel, written in the form of letters. You are to choose two of the following individuals and create characters for both.

Pre-writing guiding questions

- Who are these individuals?
- What are their backgrounds?
- What makes them unique, or not?
- What conflicts effect them?
- What are their motives (what drives them; makes them do what they do)?
- What is their relationship; how are their fates/lives connected?
- Do they know one another?

Read the following exert on “The Art of Letter Writing"



Don’t forget the most well-received of all letter formats, the love letter.

Take note, that the unique nature of the epistolary allows for very creative characterization.
- The address from where the letter is being sent and its destination are an effective means of setting.
- The handwriting of your characters might give insight to their personalities.

Here are the seven individuals to base your characters on:

You also need to create images of the actual letters. These will be small detailed photos you will take of certain key phrases. They will add credibility, create mood, and potentially aid in characterization as one's handwriting can often say alot about the individual.

YOU will base these images on YOUR text and need to create the handwritten segment, take the photo and upload it to blogger.

*Remember to adjust the resolution on the camera or adjust the image size before uploading to blogger otherwise you will hate life. Acceptable image size for a small web-based jpg is 60dpi.

They might look something like this.

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