Friday, October 19, 2012

Due to the very obvious fact that Mr. White is not teaching grade 10 this year (BOOOOO!!!), the grade 10 blog will be taking a long break (hiatus-SAT).

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Misha Prompt

Free will is an illusion that only exists on Earth to make people believe that they could do what they want rather than what they must.

-There is always something in a person that needs to be improved or developed. A strong man will have his goals stated which are the ones he wants to reach in order to gain the result and gain something from life. I think that people always should make themselves better, improve their knowledge, improve their physical skills etc.
Let’s take the following situation as an example. A man served 10 years in a prison, he was sentenced for a rubbery. After he crossed the gate line in the prison, he has gained freedom that he has been probably waiting for all those years. He is a free will person now. The next task for him is to decide what does he want to get from life. There are two ways out of this situation: 1) “If I was already 10 years in a prison that means that I can’t do anything now, no one is going to employ me because I was in a prison etc. I am going to do what I want, I don’t care about the consequences.”
2) “I had served 10 years in a prison for a bad thing that I have done before and I admit my guilt. Now I will do my best to improve to get a good job and a family”.

If a man chooses the first option, this is obviously not the right choice. Because he had served in a jail does not mean that the life is over and he hits the depression and apathy. He must state the goal and reach the goal. Never give up. If there is a temptation of give up and do what you want to do, this needs to be cut down immediately.

Even the situation in which I am right now is similar. I go to school and study that is it. However instead of finding the excuses why not, I could have gone to the sport and do sport and of course study better.
The free will is an illusion. There is always something you must reach for, make yourself better.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

300 word justification - IMO

‘You get disappointed by the person who you would never think that would let you down.’

I agree with this statement.
Disappointment is defined as the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hopes to manifest. Expectation is present in our lives at all times and many expectations go without saying. We live by a series of codes and rules, which we occasionally need reminding of. Everything that we wish to  happen in the future is an expectation. Expectations can be both great and small but it is the level of expectation and the intensity of the relationship that can cause the unhappiness and disappointment.
If I expected a bus to come at 6.45pm and it didn’t come until 7.00pm, I would be disappointed, but I know that another bus will soon be on its way.
If I expected to get married and then my partner pulled out at the last minute, I would be heartbroken.  If we set ourselves unrealistic expectations, then we are just asking to be let down. I feel that relying on people is risky because you never know when the circumstances might change. You may fall out, or the person may change and it may ruin your expectations. Relationships are formed around expectations. To be friends with someone, you expect kindness, trust and honesty. If a friend is unkind, untrustworthy or dishonest you feel let down and disappointed.  However, if you are good friends, the expectation is that you can resolve the situation, make amends and restore the friendship.  The question may be whether there is any expected situation which is unforgiveable, where the level of disappointment is so great that it can never be resolved.
This will again different for everyone as we all have different levels of expectation. Optimistic people often feel more disappointed if they are let down because they are always expecting good things to happen. Pessimists or realists are less disappointed because they don’t expect good things to happen! The comment could be an interesting discussion between Psychiatrists!

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