Thursday, October 20, 2011

Agree or Disagree?

Now that you have answered agree or disagree to all of the following prompts, you need to take two and develop your ideas into much greater detail. Understand, the only wrong answer is an unsupported answer. Be to the point, be logical, and use examples to state your case. Your word count for each response should be no less that 200 words.

1. A good leader must have moral integrity.
2. In our minds, a constant battle is waged between good (superego) and evil (id).
3. There is always a way to prevent war.
4. Mankind is the cruelest of all beasts, because when we hurt other people, we realize they are being hurt; when cats play with and eat mice, the cat has no idea that the mouse is in pain. This makes people the least respectable of all species (concept from Mark Twain’s The Damned Human Race)
5. Society needs as many laws as possible.
6. When given the chance, people often single out weaker individuals in an effort to make themselves look or feel better.
7. People only hunt in order to feed themselves.
8. Whenever varying groups of people exist, there will inevitably be power struggles.

You will also need to comment on the posts of two other individuals. One you agree with and the other, someone you disagree with.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lil' Superstar Dialogue

Lil' Superstar?

You need to introduce the scene; give it context. What is the conflict, what are we about to see, why is it happening, who are these people, what is their motivation for their actions, and what is the setting?

Be sure to :
-Insert the time. This way we your viewer knows exactly where your dialogue goes.
0:03 Taruk: (now we know who Taruk is)
- Insert asides, actions and how things look
0:42 Tavuk kicks a earthen pot at his nemesis
0:43 Pashda You thought you could...