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Lil' Superstar Dialogue

Lil' Superstar?

You need to introduce the scene; give it context. What is the conflict, what are we about to see, why is it happening, who are these people, what is their motivation for their actions, and what is the setting?

Be sure to :
-Insert the time. This way we your viewer knows exactly where your dialogue goes.
0:03 Taruk: (now we know who Taruk is)
- Insert asides, actions and how things look
0:42 Tavuk kicks a earthen pot at his nemesis
0:43 Pashda You thought you could...


Lorraine Vitek said...

0:03 (The guy in a dark blue jacket, Bhamilan, is watching the fight and is splashed by water.)
Bhamilan: Hey, it looks like there’s a little bit of bar brawl across the street. Right, Aahilyan? (looks over to see Aahilyan has been knocked out from behind)
(Bhamilan runs away only to be beaten by Madukrishnan [aka dude in muscle shirt], who is the town hero)
0:16 (Gandharvan trips up Bhamilan)
Bhamilan: You little twit (at Gandharvan)! I’ve found you little thief now, so I’m gonna kidnap you!
Gandharvan: I didn’t do anything! It was Aahilyan! Put me down!
(Bhamilan picks up Gandharvan and runs off screen at 0:21)
(0:22 - Scene switches to Madukrishnan beating up another one of Gandharvan’s thugs; the thug falls, the crowd cheers and Madukrishnan turns to find Bhamilan with Gandharvan in the tree)
Gandharvan: Ahhhhhh! Help me, help me!
Madukrishnan: Put him down.
Bhamilan: You’re a turkey, I’ll eat you for Thanksgiving, but you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!
(Madukrishnan kicks up a pot and it hits Bhamilan’s arm. Bhamilan releases Gandharvan and Madukrishnan catches him.)
Gandharvan: Yay!
Madukrishnan: Hey little buddy. (puts the boy down and addresses Bhamilan) And you, gingerbread man, are you going to come down?
Bhamilan: Hehe, are you kidding me?
Madukrishnan: (picks up a pot and holds it out in front of Gandharvan) You want a turn, kiddo?
Gandharvan: Yeah! (he kicks the pot and Madukrishnan gives it an extra lift)
(The pot hits Bhamilan in the groin area and he falls down to the ground)
1:02 (Bhamilan is on the ground and Madukrishnan approaches him threateningly with Gandharvan)
Bhamilan: No please, I’m sorry I called you a turkey! OW! AH!
(Madukrishnan proceeds to pummel the living daylights out of his arm and leg)
Gandharvan: Punch him in the face now!
1:13 (the scene changes; Bhamilan is in the hospital, properly bandaged, with his mother and a doctor looking on)
Bhamilan: The nerve of that turkey! Look how injured I am! It’s just not fair!
(The doctor, without his lab coat, struggles to maintain a sympathetic face as he reflects on how much Bhamilan really deserved the beating)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Abdul Gan Chan (0:03) yells ha lil' Superslav took his ice cream and Abul wants to fight for it.
Abdul - you took ma ice cream, now you will pay for it. AAAAAAARGH (attack)
Superslav beats Abdul without even making any steps. The little kid called Jackie Chan lvl2 trips Adul over his small ninjaaaaa leg (0:15).
Abdul - you little kid! yo daddy took ma ice cream and you have beaten me up. Imma take you with me on this tree and kick you!
(0:21) Superslav gets really angry because his kid is going to be kicked if he doesnt do anyhing. He beats up a random guy on the street using the Spinning Slumdog Tail Kick - the forbidden and extremely dangerous technique of fighting. Superslav finds Jackie Chan lvl2 and tries to help him. (0:34)
Superslav - geet this kid down, or imma eat your 2nd ice cream!
Abdul - you wish, I don't have any other ice cream!
Superslav - damn it, ok I'll just kick that pot on you and it will not break because its unbreakable, it will also hit you in the arm, right in the nerve so my kid falls back down. Its very likely to happen isn't it?
Superslav does what he planned to do. Jackie Chan lvl2 falls down.
Superslav - yo kiddo, you wanna kick that pot into his face so he falls down? Don't worry, just because you are 2year old kid doesn't mean that you can kick a 2kg pot 10m high without breaking it.
Abdul falls down.
(1:01) Abdul - please, don't step on my knee, such a step will break my knee for sure! I'll give you al of my ice cream, I'll give you my wife;s and mom's ice cream. Just don't brea my knee in such an unrealistic way!
Superslav - too bad, you dont wanna mess with ma gang. Now you have to suffer like a Spartan!
Hospital, Abdul has an arm and a leg broken.
(1:13) Abdul - damn this Superslav, next time I'll take his ice cream! MWAHAHAHAHHHAAHA I'm so freaking inteligent and evil that I can't believe.

A T said...

00:03-Pedro sees his friend get knocked out and runs out to join the fight, screeming "independance for mexico!"-gets beaten up by Miguel and runs away.
00:16-Chico trips Pedro up as he runs away and sniggers
Pedro: you halfgrown tumor! when i catch you ill gut you and sell your intestines to the americanos!
Chico: no! help! put me down! Miguel!
00:22-(scene changes to Miguel beating up another of Pedro's friends, with Pedro and Chico in a tree)
Chico:help! no! let me down! (general blaspheming and censored content)
Miguel:put him down.
Pedro:make me!
Miguel kicks a pot and hits Chico, who falls and gets caught by Miguel
Chico:my turn! ill make you pay for this Pedro!
Miguel:all yours Chico
Chico shrieks japanese style war cry and kicks a jar at Pedro's sensitive area
Pedro falls and wails
Miguel advances menacingly towards Pedro
Chico: Break his leg!
Miguel breaks Pedro's knee
Chico: Break his arm!
Miguel breaks Pedro's arm
Chico: watch out! he's standing up!
Miguel repeatedly punches Pedro in the face while the latter foolishly tries to stand up
1:14-scene changes and Pedro is lying in hospital, whinging about his arm and leg. two characters, presumably Pedro'd wife/mother/sister/girlfriend and a doctor
Pedro: Oh no! now ill never be able to pass the border to the states!curse you Miguel! darn you Chico!

Bashar Saade said...
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Bashar Saade said...

0:03 you got my mustache wet with that water.
0:07 the Mustache man attacks the man with the glove (the same man who got his mustache wet) and he tries to attack him to humiliate him in public. but he was not able to attack him and he in front got kicked by the glove man.
0:14 a small dwarf puts his leg of the mustache man as he was running away from the glove man and makes him trip. so the mustache man thought that he had some sort of a relation with the glove man so he kidnaped him and left the scene.
on 0:20 the mustache man brother enters and try's to attack the glove man. however he fails miserably to attack him intact the glove man hurts him pretty badly.
0:24 the glove man finds the mustache man over a tree and he hears the little dwarf screaming "when i will leave you i will shave your mustache" and then mr glove man tells him to put him down. the mustache man replies "My mustache. it takes me over 2 hours to dry it out. and you ruined it with your tossing people around for no apparent ressoun" the glove man looks at him angrily because of his sarcasm. he dose not let him finish his talking and throws a magical vase at his hand so he throws the dwarf to the gloves man hand. after that the glove man holds the vase so the dwarf can kick it and gets his revenge. the dwarf kicks the vase and it hits the mustache man in the nuts which causes him to fall down on the sidewalk and then into the road. after that the glove guy and the dwarf guy comes up to him and the mustache man says "please just dont touch my mustache" and then the glove man breaks his foot and then his hand. then the dwarf guy angry at the mustache guaginey tells the glove guy to hit his mustache over and over and that is exacle what the glove man did
at 1:15 the mustache man appears in the hospital sad and explaining to the doctor what happened to him " they ruined my mustache they broke my hand, they broke my leg" and then you see the doctor in the background imagining the pain that he ill go throw for the next few month.(the mustache man and the doctor obviously have some kind of a relation)

Misha Yampolskiy said...

0.03guy called Sharmuta starts to talk to Rashan (a good guy) about how he can beat him up.
0.07 then Rashan starts to punch Sharmuta like God, not even touching him. (20 punches mostly in the face)
0.15 Sharmuta wants to run away but he meets a 6 year old son of Rashan and grabs his son and somehow climbs on the tree.
0.25 3rd guy (also bad) is also beaten up by Rashan, on a main street near a big old tree. Many people have come and everybody was watching and supporting Rashan.
0.37 A dialogue between Sharmuta and Rashan. Rashan wants his son back, but Sharmuta starts to argue. Rashan althen throws a pot to the bad guy on the tree, and his son using this opportunity jumps to the good guy.
0.56 Rashan gets a pot somewhere and throws it on the Sharmuta again but his son , and Sharmuta falls down on the ground and gets beaten up by Rashan again.
1.14 Sharmuta is lying in the bed and complaining about his broken limbs to his realtives.

Anonymous said...

Abdul- first character (0.03 seconds)
Ahmet- character in muscle shirt (0.07 s)
Mehli- small person (0.15 s)
Don- character in orange shirt (0.22 s)

0.03- Abdul gets dirt thrown at him "We can handle about this"
Abdul wants to run past Ahmet, but he kicks him and starts a fight.
Abdul tries to defend himself "Can't we talk about this properly, like two grown up men?"
0.13- Abdul escapes and runs away, but gets tripped by Mehli.
Mehli laughs and says "Ha! I got you, you little loser."
Abdul replies by grabbing him "Oh, you call me a loser you midget? Lets see what we can do about that." "NOOO, let go of me! Leave alone!"
0.22- Meanwhile Ahmet tries to blow off some stem by beating up his annoying neighbor Don. Don tries to defend himself "Stop it, I haven't done anything!"
0.37- Mehli cries "Ahmet help me! Your insane brother captured me!" Ahmet replies "Oh there you are, tried running away from me eh? Wait for it, Im going to get you down." Ahmet throws a pot at the tree and Abdul lets Mehli fall down, Ahmet catches Mehli. "And now its your turn, brother!" Ahmet screams. He holds a pot in front of Mehli "Come on you can do it, show him what youve got." Abdul gets hit and falls off the tree. Ahmet goes up to him "Are you scared now? I told you I'm the strongest, I will always beat you!!!!!"
1.11- Mehli yells out "Go Ahmet! Show him what he deserves! Yeah!" Ahmet kicks and hurts Abdul. Abdul screams out in pain "Help! Stop it! Wait till mom hears about this! Ahh!"
1.13- "Why does this always happen to me? I wish i were dead. Look at my poor leg and my broken arm! What did i do to deserve this?"

Bernadett Soos said...

Little Super Star Fighting Scene 2
Baahir (the guy in the blue jacket) watches people having a fight on the street and he feels like beating up someone so joins the fight.
Baahir- That looks like lot of fun! I want to join too!
However Daarun (the guy in the muscle shirt) was not a good idea to play with. Daarun beated up Baahir quickly and easily. After he got kicked in the face badly Baahir was backing up from Daarun and got tripped by Gadin (the little boy).
Baahir- Hey! What are you doing?! Watch what you are doing!
Gadin- Ha, ha, ha, ha! I got you!!
Baahir- Oh you little devil!!! ( and picks him up and carry him away).
Gadin- Ahhhhhh,ahhhhhhhhhh, ahhhh! Put me down! Leave me alone!
While this time Daarun was fighting with this random guy. The poor guy was getting beaten up pretty badly! And by now Gadin and Baahir was sitting on the top of the tree.
Gadin- Ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhh! Help me! Help me! He does not want to let me go! I’m scared up here!
Daarun goes to the tree.
Daarun- Put him down! Let him go! Find some your on size! Don’t abuse little children!
Baahir- Why do you care?! What if I don’t let him go?! What are you going to do about it?
Daarun kicks a basket up and the basket hits Baahir, which makes Baahir drop Gadin. So Gadin falls and Daarun catches him.
Gadin- Ahhhh! Ahhh! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Thank You for saving me from him!
Daarun- No problem! And now get down here you coward! Let’s finish what we have started!
Baahir- Oh, yeah! You wish! I am so not going down!
Daarun ( to Gadin)- Hey! do you want to get him down or I shall?
Gadin- Oh, Me, me, me, me! I want!
So Daarun holds a pot in front of Gadin, and he kicks it up and hit Baahir who falls down.
Baahir- Aaaaaahhhhhh! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
Daarun walks up to him, looking really evil.
Baahir- Oh, okay! I’m sorry little boy! Oh, Daarun, can’t we talk about our problems, Like two grownups????
Daarun- Nope, Sorry! But you need to pay for taking a piec of me and for abusing this innocent little child! this will teach you a lesson!
Baahir- INOCCENT?!?!?! He is not innocent! He is evil! he tripped me and laughed at me!
Daarun is getting closer and closer!
Baahir- Oh, please don’t hurt me! Please!
Daarun step on Baahir’s knee, than on his elbows!
Gadin- Punch him in the face! Come on! Punch him in the face!
So Daarun punchs Baahir in the face twice! Bahir wakes up in the hospital. His nose was broken, his arm was broken and his leg was broken. He starts complaining to his parents.
Baahir- Auuuuuu! Auuuuuu! Daarun is evil! I told you his evil! Look what he have done to me! He broke my arm and my leg! He even broke my nose! Auuuu! Auuu! He did all this for no reason!!! I am Innocent!

Artem Petimko said...

0:01-0:03 The man in blue jacket is waiting for an upcoming and gets splashed by water, afterwards he speaks his opinion about that accident in a loud voice:
Let that stupid guy come out, he will pay for what he had done. Nobody escapes the justice of Frodo and Mr.H, he will answer for stealing our food!
0:10 - the stupid guy in a blue jacket aka Abdula Rai Banda, gets kicked by Hardcore guy, the town kickass and a bodyguard of Frodo, called Mr.H.
0:16- Abdula (guy in blue jacket) gets kicked out by Mr.H and kidnaps the little kid:
My revenge will be hard, Mr.H!- says Abdula and runs away with a victim (Frodo).
He doesn't even thonk of what will happen to him as Mr.H will unleash all his force and secret indian fighing techniques to spoil his day.
0:22 the place switches to another fight, where Mr.H is kicking another guy. The crowd is happy until they spot Abdula on a tree with Frodo.
Frodo: Put me down you, bastard, I will beat you up and I am only 7! Come and fight me like a man, fool!
Mr. Hardcore throws the vase into Abdula's knee, making him to lose Frodo.
Frodo wants revenge as Abdula spoiled his reputation, he punches the copper vase into Abdula.
Abdula falls down from tree , right into hands of Frodo, the revenge seeker.
Frodo orders Mr.H : Kick that dog, he spoiled my reputation, nobody can spoil my reputation , IN MY TOWN!!!
Mr.H is starting to do what he likes to do, kicking ass. He uses the special movement called leg to knee, breaking Abdula's knee in half.
1:13 (Abdula is now in hospital, surrounded by medical stuff)
Abdula : How could I know that kid is a head of Indian mafia, now my lhands and legs are broken, I cant even move!
The Doctor tries to make an upset face to cheer the pacient up, but he knows that Abdula wont be safe in hospital, as Frodo will find him!!

Valeria Voloshyna said...
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Oleksandr Gribov said...

(0.03)Tarik: -how dare he(Shahan) poor water on me?! Me, such a respected, strong fighter! I’ll chase him and kill him!
(0.07) Shahan and Tarik fighting
(0.15) Gaza: He stole my tshirt and used as a handkerchief! I’ll trip him and laugh at his embarrassment!
(0.18) tarik: Oh what?! Trip me?? That’s it,I had enough for today! I’m taking you to the tree!
(0.27)Shanan: ei you, I want my orange tshirt back!!
(0.39) Tarik: if you are so much of a superhero, save Gaza, your little friend. But oh no, you can’t, because I have him, here, on the tree, so good luck!
(0.43) Shanan: I’m a superhero, meaning I’m great at everything, including football! Kick a vase into you and Gaza is saved.
(0.50) Shanan: Hey Gaza, nice to see you back!
(0.51) Tarik: You got Gaza,but I’m still here! HA!
(0.53) Shanan: Gaza, let’s kick another vase into Tarik and get him off the tree.
(1.04) Tarik: Please have mercy for me, please.
(1.07) Gaza: haha, there you go, not messing with me again buddy!
(1.15) Tarik: ohh, it all hurts so much. He broke my arm, my leg and almost broke my face. I’ll have to leave this village, don’t want more of it!..

Valeria Voloshyna said...

(0.03) (guy in blue jacket, Farid, gets splashed by water, while he's watching the fight)
Farid: Hey, what are you doing?! How dare you soil water one me? you gotta pay for this.
Farid runs inside and Rashid kicks him using his leg. Farid got beaten up and as he was falling back, he got tripped by dwarf Herkus.
Herkus: haha, you failed. Loooser!
Farid gets mad and says: you little person, don't you say that. I'm going to kidnap you.
And takes him away.
Herkus: nooo, I didn't do anything, it wasn't me.
(0.22) Rashid is fighting with Ismail (guy in orange shirt). Rashid is winning, so crowd around is happy and they cheer for Rashid. As Rashid turns he sees Farid with Herkus on the tree.
Herkus: Help me, save me, Do something!!
Rashid: Put him down.
Farid: No I won't. ANd you can't do anything about it!
Rashid kicks a pot up in the air, it hits Farid, so he lets Herkus go, and Herkus falls into Rashid's arms.
herkus: hooray! thanks
Rashid: and now, you come down so we can solve this as two men.
Farid: you kidding me? no way
Rashid: Hey Herkus, wanna help me?
Herkus: Yeah! (kicks the pot at Farid)
Farid falls down.
Rashid comes to Farid, and is about to kick him but Farid starts apologizing and begging him not to do it.
Farid: No, please don't do it. I'm sorry for things I've done. Just let me go. OUCH.
Rashid: That's why you don't mess with me.
(1.13) Farid wakes up in hospital with cast on his arm and leg and bandaged face. Doctor's standing my his bed.
Farid: See what that he's done to me. I'll never forget that.
Doctor has a sympathetic face, but looks away thinking that Farid is just trying to make Rashid look bad when really it was all Farid's fault.