Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Anticipation Guide Response - The Hobbit

- A life lived with fear is a life half lived.
- Ignorance is bliss.
- It’s better to take chances and lose than to never take a chance.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Take this scene from The Godfather (Coppola, 1972).

The Godfather, Don Corleone, receives visitors in his office on the day of his daughter’s wedding.
Johnny Fontane, the famous singing artist, in a desperate state pleads with Don Corleone to “persuade” certain Hollywood producers to offer him a new record contract.

: 03 Johnny Fontane: Godfather, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do.

Abruptly, standing and shaking Fontane while yelling at him.

Godfather: You can act like a man (slaps him in the face). What’s the matter with you? This is how you’ve turned, he’s been in Hollywood so many years cries like a woman.

:15 Mocking him with heavy sobbing
What can I do? What can I do?

Reaching out in a comforting manner
:25 Godfather: Come here. You look terrible. I want you to eat. I want you to rest well. In a month from now this Hollywood big-shot is going to give you what you want.

:40 Fontane: Too late, they start shooting in a week.

:45 Godfather: I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Now watch this!

You must create dialogue for this scene from Adhisaya Piravi (1990).

• These characters must have names.
• You must supply dialogue for all spoken parts (They are speaking Tamil)• You must describe major physical asides. If your main character is on the verge of taking another man’s manhood with his foot, then you must indicate this.
• You must provide a reference to time that coincides with the video running time.
• You must also include the video.

If there is another video of comparable time and dialogue usage, run it by me and I am sure it will be fine.

If you would like to kill 32 minutes, watch some more of Adhisaya Piravi. It is soooo bad it’s good.

Goli MAR!

DUE Friday

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

“The Private Lives of Teachers”

Summer has just ended. It seems like every year you have to write some sort of paper explaining, “My Summer Vacation”. Why are teachers always so interested in this facet of your life? (Perhaps they have no real lives and wish to live vicariously through your glamorous holidays). Pick one of your teachers and have a little fun.

1. First, please listen to the following student produced podcast from Youth Radio entitled, “The Private Lives of Teachers”. Click on “Listen Now”.

2. Second, ask their permission to use their name and their photo.
We will “borrow” the images from the school’s faculty photo page. Explain what the project is about. They love education, they can’t possibly say no!

3. Create a creative scenario for your teacher. What sort of seasonal mayhem did they get up to?

• 400 word minimum
• Logical paragraph structure
• See rubric (This what I use to give YOU a GRADE)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jack London Mp3

Please open the following link and do one of the following options:

1- Download the short story “An Adventure in the Upper Sea” and pass it on to your iPod (and listen to the story)

2- Listen to the story immediately online.
Music is a fundamental element of all cultures. What music best coincides with your personal culture? What function does music play in your life?

As a person matures, so does their taste in music. Being a near-adult, what music is especially appealing to you?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In this case the answer is obvious, nonetheless videos have become an integral component of musical expression, at times superceding the music itself. “The song is O.K., but I really like the video”

Tell us about a band. If you must remark on your favorite, by all means do so, but I think it would be more advantageous for all if you share with us some musical insight privy to a few, and not the masses.

This is piece of writing is both expository (telling facts) and opinionated (why you like this band/song/video).

- Write a piece telling us information about your band. If you are not sure about background information on one of your favorite bands, then what a wonderful opportunity to investigate.

- where is the artist or band from? What type of music is this? Perhaps include a discography (listing the albums with dates released) or potentially awards obtained.

- Include a video please see the link on imbedding video into your blog.

- Explain why you particularly like this group.

Read my band pick to see one of my favorites and to get a good idea on what we expect from your writing.

Los Amigos Invisibles, translated as The Invisible Friends, is a Venezuelan pop band. They came into light upon the release of their first album, A Typical and Autoctonal Venezuelan Dance Band, in 1995. They were subsequently catapulted into international acclaim upon being signed by Luaka Bop, the independent label of famed musician David Byrne.

With Luaka Bop they released a total of three albums, including The Venezuelan Zinga Son, Vol. 1 which was nominated for a Grammy for
best alternative Latin album. Los Amigos Invisibles have relocated to the States and since released independently Super Pop Venezuela. in 2006.

Los Amigos Invisibles is a highly original band due to its unique mix of R&B, funk and Latin rhythms. They effortlessly combine multiple themed tracks on a single album. From house, merengue, and tropical dance grooves, Los Amigos dwell into numerous musical styles always with a danceable beat and a great sense of humor.

Playa Azul (Blue Beach) is not my favorite song my Los Amigos, but I do find the video to be very compelling. Music should evoke certain images to the listener. The song is full of imagery of tropical beaches and paradise like weather. The video most ironically presents the band in a dark, cold winter world, far from any beach. Having my own preconceived notions regarding this song, I obviously was most taken back with the video. The members of the band seem to be authentically suffering from a miserable New York winter’s day. Also, anyone being a fan of Los Amigos Invisibles would know that prior to releasing this album had relocated to New York. One can’t help but wonder if the video is not truly representative of the band’s suffering in their new home, far from the blue beaches of Venezuela.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Setting up your own Blog - ALL CLASSES

First Assignment

You need to register an account to obtain your own blog (see the following post for [simple] instructions).2. Your blog needs a title. Since your blog is a written extension of yourself, your title must be reflective of you, what you are like, you personality, spirit, etc.I teach. Hey, it's not all that I do, but it's obviously an important element of my life. My website, stepintoourclassroom.org has kept me slumped over a computer for countless hours. So, Step Into Our Classroom is an significant title for me. Stay away from using just your name (That was your parents’ creativity, not yours!).3. You need to edit your profile: Photo.4. You need to pick a template.5. Most importantly- once your blog is active and running I need you to copyand paste the link (i.e. http://stepintoourclassroom.blogspot.com/ ) into an email and send it to me; stepintoourclassroom@gmail.com .

This is your first daily grade.

Register/Blog Posted/ - 50 pts
Title -20
Photo -20
Template -10
/100pts total
Good LUCK!

What is unique about you? How are you different from others? Is there a certain item, theme, or even belief that you would chose to represent yourself?On your blog, make a post detailing this uniqueness. This writing (we like to call it an opportunity of expression) will be accompanied by no prompts, as we truly want this uniqueness of your essence to come forth naturally.*Include an image with this posting… refer to the rubric for writing guidelines.Cheers!