Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bilbo needs a date...really.

You must pick a character from our novel, The Hobbit. Use the character sketch graphic organizer to detail his characteristics. These need to be both physical and emotional.

What might be a trait of Bilbo? Supply where in the story we can see this.
Then add likes and dislikes, also supplying support from the story. If you state that Bilbo likes a certain activity, where do we see his in the book?

Your personal add needs:
- title of add
- Both physical and emotional characteristics
- Likes and dislikes
- Characteristics that he would like in a significant other
- One exert of sheer silliness, or irony (Must play basketball, dumb but ironic for Bilbo- diminutive)
- contact information
- am image
* needs to be 80 words minimum

In order to avoid being repetitive, use a thesaurus-

For example, I want to say that someone is nice. The thesaurus gives me the following alternatives for saying nice:
admirable, amiable, approved, attractive, becoming, charming, commendable, considerate, copacetic, cordial, courteous, decorous, delightful, ducky, fair, favorable, fine and dandy, friendly, genial, gentle, good, gracious, helpful, ingratiating, inviting, kind, kindly, lovely, nifty*, obliging, okay*, peachy*, pleasant, pleasurable, polite, prepossessing, seemly, simpatico, superior, swell, unpresumptuous, welcome, well-mannered, winning, winsome

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