Monday, May 16, 2011


What connections are you making to other literature we have read in class? To the contemporary world? To your own experience? Explain how these connections inform your reading of the novel.

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axipower said...

Are people’s characters formed by nature or nurture? In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein a scientist called Victor creates a monster from dead body parts. Victor is disgusted by his creature’s external appearance, so he completely neglects his creation and sends him away, having effectively rejected him. At the beginning the monster does not harm anyone and acts instinctively to find food and shelter. But when he finds Victor’s notes, he is infuriated and swears to take revenge on all mankind.
The rejection and mistreatment of the monster by his parent (Victor), had a massive impact on his personality and actions. I can connect this with the real world because statistics show that almost all criminals had a tough childhood and were physically and/or psychologically abused at a young age. If parents fail to offer their children love, what feelings can these children be expected to have for others, since love is something they have never experienced?