Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2. People should break rules and laws if it means that they would survive though others wouldn’t.


A T said...

On questions of life or death no-one but the concerned individual has a say on how they should act, regardless of rules or laws. A person's life is their most precious belonging; if they defend it and how they choose to do so is up to them, and if to save themselves whilst others die does not seem morally wrong to them (or they simply don't care) then that is a choice they make on their own. Furthermore, human nature impedes us from predicting or controlling our acts in a potentially lethal situation; you never know how you will react in a certain instance until it actually occurs. it takes great courage to make a sacrifice of your life to save others, and even more so to die to avoid breaking the law, although in my opinion you would have to be quite foolish to die for such a thing. All in all it comes down to this: you cannot force anyone to die if they don't want to unless you actually kill them.

Lorraine Vitek said...

I agree with this statement if it relates to all actions apart from breaking the law on murdering and abusing people. I feel that if a person needs to do something that is illegal to survive, such as steal, lie or run stoplights, then that is understandable and people don’t feel that there is any stigma associated with it. There is an ever-present human instinct for survival that controls a person’s actions in moments of immense fear or prolonged stress, moments where we stop thinking. In these situations, we do whatever is necessary to protect ourselves and keep ourselves alive. But I feel that deep down inside, a person should be able to control his or her basic reactions in order to prevent them from unnecessarily harming anyone and from killing a person. These are two unforgivable breaches of law that only in the most extreme of situations are possible to justify. The gray area comes into being when you start to draw away from stable societies that laws were meant to function in.