Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Trip Inspired - Quick Writing Exercise

Fall Trip Inspired - Quick Writing Exercise


A T said...

Basher, Basher,
This isn't Kentucky
Chicken is kosher
In local KFCs
Eat up your fries,
Drink your free refill
You know it's all lies,
I shows on the bill
Go there for breakfast, lunch, dinner
Hard Rock is better, God says you're a sinner!

Lorraine Vitek said...

"Highlight of Day 1: Posing with a man dressed up like a giant beer."
"3 hour long boat trip to hell and back, then a museum of which I only remember the last two rooms and the main office, and then a simply marvelous (insert serious sarcasm) Jewish restaurant."
"Nowa Huta and the Cucumber! :) ;) Plus a flashback to the 1800s @Catherine Schaus, Bernadett Soos, Imogen Burnell."
"Auschwitz. Somber. Hollow. Grieving. Gone."

Misha Yampolskiy said...

Our room consisted of 4 people: me, John, Taras and Sasha. Every evening when we had a free time we were rolling on floor laughing. I think its all because of John, with his, ghm, dumb ideas for conquering the world and blowing up United States. When he was telling us this, he seemed as a complete mad person. His plans about blowing up US began to annoy everyone, so we were actually ready to throw him out of the window. Overall John is a good boy.

Anonymous said...

Today is the last night
We decided to turn right
Into an Italian Restaurant
Louise ordered Couscous
The pasta seemed nice
But first I checked the price
Imogen could not decide
The menu had nothing to hide
In the end we took what we were given
In Monika's pizza there was no pineapple hidden
We hoped she would not die
And this possibility was not a lie
But she did not care
And she did share
All this was very tasty
"Common let's be hasty!"
Because we were already late
This trip we did not hate. :)

Oleksandr Gribov said...

-"Chilling in our room, "Watch The Throne" playing out loud, John pulling stupid jokes-Krakow is a great place for a Fall trip!"
-"Kinda boring boat trip,followed by the "Schindler's List" museum-Day 2,Krakow,2011"
-"One KFC chicken bucket aint enough if you have john with ya!"
-"Back from the trip to Auschwitz. A horrible place but i'm glad I've been there"
-"Best rommies ever-@Taras Tarasenko, Misha Yampolskyi and Jonhatan Madava"

Guido Danhof said...

The Auschwitz- Birkenau camp had an unusually dark feeling to it. Despite the clear blue sky and the bright sunlight that shown on the astonishingly green grass, it still radiated some sort of evil. Even if there weren’t any barbed wire and watch towers, you would still have been able to tell that this isn’t just any settlement. Perhaps part of the reason that it looked grim was the lighting of the area. Due to the size of the camp, certain areas were lit up brightly by the sun, when in the distance you could see a dark, shaded area, which caused an abnormal contrast. It seems almost too peaceful.

Imogen B said...

She left the hostel not really knowing what to expect. She had heard so many stories, so many accounts of the place. She had seen people, spoken to people who were there at the time, people who had been to see it after... but never before had she been herself.

Auschwitz - the name was haunting enough.

As she sat in the bus thoughts upon thoughts rolled around in her head like a washing machine. What would she see? Would it affect her forever? Would it scar her like a stone, like the many thousands of people it has already scarred today? Would she stay strong, stay powerful? These questions were coming back and forth like a boomerang yet the answers were nowhere to be found and .. would they ever be found? She sighed, glancing out the window, memorising the scenery, trying to imagine what was going round those 1000s of Jews minds when they were travelling along here... If only they had known what lay before them, what the Germans had in store for them.

She stepped off the bus. She could already feel that cold, gloomy atmosphere that she had heard of so many times before. No birds, no animals, no happiness. 'Arbeit Mach Frei' stood glaring at her, it's bold words so cruelly untrue. She walked through the gate, a cold chill swept past her face - as if she had walked through a ghost. The tour guide led her into a building named 'Extermination' and her heart sank to the floor.

Valeria Voloshyna said...

“Auschwitz is the most significant pat of fall trip. It was hard to be in that place. It’s one thing when you hear stories about it, see videos and pictures, but when you actually are in this place it’s so much different.” - those were the thoughts going through Sona’s mind. For her being in Auschwitz was difficult, because she thought of it as million people used to die here, it was a concentration camp and death camp. She was walking on the remains of horrible place, maybe she was standing where someone was killed and that thought would freak her out. In the beginning it wasn’t too bad, she just felt as she wasn’t supposed to be here, like it is wrong place to be. Also, once she went inside the building she started feeling dizzy, and her stomach started hurting for no reason. As she was listening to the guide about the history of Auschwitz, it was becoming harder to stay stoic. As Sona was hearing the words of guide: “ 1’300’000 were deported to Auschwitz, 90% were Jews. SS murdered the majority of them in the gas chambers” She couldn’t understand how could people fool others so easily, tell them that they should just go in for a shower while they know that they’re sending people for death. Even if they were Jews, or some other cultures, what’s wrong with that? Just because they believe in something else doesn’t mean that they deserve to be killed. We were walking and walking around Auschwitz, but one of the buildings had photos of people standing on railway, “fresh” people coming in and facing their death, the photos were incredible. Sona wasn’t paying much attention as photos took her attention, but then she heard that in the next room there is a wall with hair that was cut off the prisoners. She immediately froze, she couldn’t move, slowly she came in the room and saw it, it was horrible. She couldn’t bear it, it was too much. Sona ran out of the room crying, she was trying to find an exit, and once she finally go out she just sat down on the road and cried. At first no one even noticed that she disappeared, but then Valeria came to Sona. Sona noticed that Val is just in same condition as her, she felt a bit better since someone understood what she felt. However , no matter how bad she felt, she decided to go through everything because she was sure that she will never come back here. That’s why she just took Val’s hand and they went through the gas chambers and other buildings together, with a help of a friend.

Anonymous said...

As Misha came in his room he was astonished by the color of the walls but the best was to come later. He saw 4 beds and then he found out he was rooming with Taras, Sasha and John. Tears of happiness started showing through his eyes. Then when his roommates came in they started unpacking. That is when you could see pure joy on Misha's face. When he found out that we were going on the city trip he went " Tro lo lo ". Then Misha Felt like an Elf 80th lvl.