Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hubert Homework

1. Agree, some people are not smart enough to take important decisions. They often make the stupid ones without thinking.
2. Disagree, we all live for something: either for our family, the society or ourselves. THere is always meaning in our lives.
3. Disagree, people can do whatever they want, they can always go live on their own far from other society.
4. Agree, we often overrate the people around us. We trust them too much and once they break our confidence, we get hurt by them.
5. Agree, sometimes we don’t have full control over our lives. WE can make small decisions, but then we are not able to control many things.
6. Agree, there are many different perspectives of life. Animals and aliens would probably see this world differently than we do, their problems would be different.
7. Agree, knowing a lot of information leads to bothering about many things.
8. ?
9. Agree, being able to take unknown decisions leads to the entertainment of seeing the consequences.
10. ?
11. I agree with this statement completely. A war is never a good solution for a problem. It always brings disasters. One of them is human death. A war in real life never ends without a death. Either soldiers or innocent people die in such a conflict. People that have never done anything wrong, that have lived their own peaceful life but have been killed because of their, race, nationality or religion.  If these people do not die, they lose a lot of properties. Their houses are destroyed, they lose all of their wealth or one of their family members.  It is a terrible disaster that leads to many other bad things like hatred. People that have been affected by the war will always be seeking for revenge. I think that war is a terrible act that is truly immoral.
The war does not affect the humanity by only killing humans and destroying their wealth. It is disastruous for the environment as well. It pollutes the air and destroy the natural paysage. It destroys the world in which we live in, prevents people  from enjoying all kind of activities.  War also consumes billions of dollars every single year. It is a huge amount of money and it is spent on fighting people. This amount of money could be used in multiple ways in order to help world problems like hunger or poverty. Instead of spending money on tanks and guns, it oculd be spent on food or shelter for the poor. It is a great waste of money coming from taxes. People would actually want to help others instead of spending the money on war. They do not have any benefit in soldiers fighting in another country, they would prefere to help others. Here is another moral issue of war.
12. ?
13. Agree, same answer as in 7.
14. Agree, the war changes many events in the current world.

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