Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life is only worth living when you don’t know everything about your future – "ignorance is bliss".

I agree with this statement. Life is full of surprises, some good, others not so good but even those usually result in something good. If people knew all the future events, life would become monotonous and meaningless to a certain point.
People like to predict, pretty much everything, from weather, to financial crisis and wars. Of course, some of it is very useful to know, like weather forecast for the upcoming week-end for example. Even the possibility of future financial crisis and wars occurring may come in handy and they may be avoided, if people know about them in advance. Such ability to predict some future events, gives people a will to know even more. Some try to understand what will happen to them or their family, how and when they will die, etc. This is usually done by black magicians or other people who pretend that they can read future. Maybe they can, nobody knows, but that’s not the point.
 I support the idea of not trying to understand what will happen to you or to the world and just let it flow. This makes life much more interesting and challenging. One will have to adapt to what happens to him and find ways of dealing with the situation created. Also, different people will be affected differently by the events that took place in their lives. Some may become more sensitive; other will ignore everything around them and become as cold as ice. All people will then be completely different from each other, even if they were members of one society, which would make living an interesting experience. If everybody knew what would happen to them, they wouldn’t be so excited about the new day, wouldn’t develop deep feeling about different situations and would probably live every day as the previous, losing all interest for life.

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