Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life is only worth living when you don’t know everything about your future – "ignorance is bliss".

I agree with the statement "Life is only worth living when you don’t know everything about your future – "ignorance is bliss"". Life has a lot of unexpected turns, exciting events happen as well as the bad and tragic events. That makes our lives interesting and cognitive. People make mistakes and learn from them, they don’t know what is going to happen in future but they can affect it with their actions. If people would know all about their future, life would be calm, not educative and dull.
In my opinion, “ignorance is a bliss”, life is better when you don’t know your future. It makes your life challenging and develops you as a person. You can get into unforeseen situations, which stimulates you to find a way to solve the problem. There are different life changing events, which can change person’s views on life, their morals and life style. People tend to become more emotional, or on contrary more stoic after, but the main thing is that they get an experience that was worth it. There is always a good part, even in the worst situation and it is that experience that you get from the situation. You then apply the knowledge in future situation and avoid doing things that can lead to that bad situation. For example, experiencing divorce, which influences both adults and children.
However, many people tend to want to know their future. People go to magicians and fortune-tellers to find out their own future, what’s going to happen to person or themselves, if person is will find love, when will person die, etc. I personally don’t believe in those types of people and I think that they can fool you just to get your money. The main reason why people go to fortune-tellers is so they know about occurring events in advance and then try to avoid it. I find it wrong and I think that if something is going to happen to you, you won’t be able to escape it, maybe postpone it but still, you won’t be able to prevent it from happening, unless it’s insignificant and not serious event. On the other hand, prediction of future can serve good. For example weather forecast, it is always good to know what’s the weather going to be like, so that you’re prepared and dressed appropriately.
Overall, I think life is worth living when you don’t know everything about your future, you may know some things like the upcoming weather, but for most cases it is better for you if you don’t know about it before it happens. Then your life is interesting, intriguing and every day brings you something new. 

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